Are You Ready to be an International Talent?
2021 National Cheng Kung University (#NCKU) x Cathay United Bank (#CUB) 1st International Master Scholarship Program is #RecruitingNow!
In 2021, Cathay United Bank will continue to cultivate outstanding local talents. Through this program, National Cheng Kung University, Cathay United Bank, and Cathay Financial Holdings work together to train overseas financial professionals to ensure a stable supply of future talents for Southeast Asia to support overseas development.
30 candidates will be enlisted in 2021. Through a one-year school training and a one-year internship in Taiwan, students will get a degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a position in Cathay United Bank or Cathay Financial Holdings in your home country.
【 NCKU x CUB Master Scholarship Program Overview 】
National Cheng Kung University, Institute of International Business, Cathay United Bank, and Cathay Financial Holdings host the 1st International Master Scholarship Program.
Total student enrollment is 30 Southeast Asian students from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar, including 22 from banks and 8 from financial holdings. The courses designed includes 1-year school life + 1-year internship (both in Taiwan) from August 2021 to July 2023 (2 years).
International business management, strategic human resources management, international financial management, digital banking, risk management, international marketing management, service industry marketing, etc.
CUB internship: 15 credits for two years.
Dissertation, publication, and oral examination:6 credits for two years.
The courses are mainly in the fields of finance and management, and include 3 credits in the field of financial technology (focus on data-related courses)
Total is 42 credits (3 required, 39 electives, including thesis)
English ability proof (TOEIC:700 /IELTS:5/Supplemental course: pass 70)
Fees of the dormitory, tuition, flight ticket, insurance (labor/student/health), monthly allowance, and so on… your living in Taiwan is no worried. We pay most of the fees.
– Online application is available beginning from February 8 to March 30.
– 1-year school life + 1-year internship (both in Taiwan).
– 3 years of a position in Cathay Financial Bank or Financial Holdings in the home country.
1️⃣ [Step 1] Download the application form:
2️⃣ [Step 2] Send your application to this
3️⃣ [Step 3] Wait for reply for second-stage interview. We will contact you once you are shortlisted.