Session 2: Enjoying the Process of English Language Learning

Are you having these questions:
How can I learn English effectively? Which method can help me?
How can I overcome challenges to achieve goals in learning English?
How to develop a passion for learning English?

On July 9th, we joined Ms. Thuy Tran – Master of Linguistics majoring in English Teaching Methodology (TESOL), Victoria University of Wellington – to learn about how our brains work and the study process. Therefore, we now know how to solve some problems in learning English by using unique methods, such as Pomodoro, known as the tomato method.

Following the first session, with the desire to share more applicable tips and tricks to find interest when learning English, we, together with Ms. Thuy, are willing to organize the second one, called “Enjoying the process of learning English.”.

📍 The session will host via the Microsoft Teams platform
⏰ Time: 8:45-10:45, Friday, July 23, 2021
🎟 Registration link:

👉What you will get in Session 2:
– Prompts to develop a mindset to pursue and stick to the initial goals set.
– Methods in self-study and teamwork.
– Techniques in developing a plan to practice skills in English.

With many years of experience in professional skills training programs and projects, Ms. Thuy will help you better understand the roots of learning and handling learning challenges, especially the fear of English.

☝️What are you waiting for, hurry up and register for the 2nd session here! The program is only for the first 100 registrants.

For further information, please contact us:
📞Hotline: 028.7303.1766, ext.1002