The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) has established UEH English Zone at B2 Park, campus B – 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong. It is expected to be a cool and unique spot for students, staff, and faculty members to have a chance to immerse themselves in English through communication activities, language seminars, music, and cultural exchanges. Furthermore, we hope UEH English Zone will become one of the valuable solutions for UEH’s internationalization efforts to improve its academic reputation and position in the national, regional and international system of higher education institutions.

In one of the nine critical projects for 2021 – 2025, UEH has identified English as a fundamental role, an essential tool in all fields. In addition, English communication skills are more than ever considered an essential soft skill in today’s world. With that in mind, UEH English Zone is designed for students, staff, and faculty members to experience a dynamic English living environment through many practical activities held frequently and periodically. Moreover, English Zone will help UEHers cultivate the habit of using English as a daily language and integrate into the multicultural and multilingual environment at UEH.

Frequent activities in UEH EZ such as Coffee talks and board games sessions, English club activities with diverse and exciting topics are designed to help improve participants’ communication and critical thinking/analysis abilities. Not to mention that, through our varied arrays of activities, students will have an opportunity to improve their reflexes, apply a wide range of vocabulary, and gain confidence in discussing a wide variety of topics. 

Periodical activities in UEH EZ include Acoustic shows, Language workshops, Cultural Connections held monthly and annually. Many activities help UEHers gradually create the habit of learning English, stimulate each person’s internal curiosity, contributing to affirming and enhancing themself in today’s dynamic integration environment.

The opening of UEH English Zone is an excellent signal in the integration period, paving the ways for students, staff, and faculty members to study and work in an international environment. As a result, UEHers have more places to practice and confidently demonstrate their abilities and bravery to make UEH a multidisciplinary, internationalization-oriented university.

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