The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) was officially established on October 28, 2020, by Decision No. 2889 / QD-DHKT-QTNNL of the President of University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, based on merging the Political Affairs Department, the Student Support Department of the Student Assistance Centre, and other related jobs of educational management. DSA members are well-trained in professions and skills to bring satisfaction to learners and our business partners. It is the first model in the higher education system in Vietnam to be the same as the customer service model to provide the best service for learners when studying at UEH.

We are DSA

We will try out best to become a helpful and reliable site for our valued learners and partners.

With our dedication, attentiveness, and willingness to share, we will guide and connect our students with UEH’s internal and external supporting sources; assure that our learners and partners have the best experience at UEH.


DSA provides all information about UEH for learners and for those who are interested. We offer both direct and online support at UEH's three main campuses at the learner's convenience. We have also developed our switchboard system to help connect and stay in touch with learners conveniently. All learner's information is managed by the CRM system with high accuracy and reliability.


DSA holds annual Political Education Week to provide necessary political information and help students perform better in the educational environment. This event takes place alongside the courses designed for the study programs.


DSA engages in academic advisory activities to fulfill all the learner's needs for academic advice. We extend our advisory service from helping build efficient study plans to professional consulting, such as scientific research guiding.


Besides academic advisory activities, DSA also conducts mental training sections for learners who encounter problems coming from psychological disorders. Our team will help learners find the best solutions to overcome their problems. In addition to our team, we also connect with professionals and experts from other faculties and institutions to assist us in some particular situations.


DSA frames and carries out scholarship policies at UEH, including studying encouragement scholarships, financial aids, and scholarships from other institutions. Also, UEH gives wholehearted support for such emergencies and for those who are in difficult circumstances. The scholarship policies apply to all students studying at the University.


DSA cares for all learners despite their ethnicities or differences and helps them integrate into student life at UEH. Moreover, with the School's direction to internationalization, we are also responsible for supporting international students when studying at UEH. We assist international students in adapting our cultures through cultural exchange activities, personal counseling, accommodation advising, and more.


DSA collects information and comes up with appropriate solutions to limit sexual harassment in the UEH environment. DSA team can help students acknowledge which behaviors/actions are considered sexual harassment. We will propose amendments to the UEH’s code of conduct, regulations, realistic sanctions and update regularly for best counseling to students and limiting sexual harassment in UEH.


DSA offers counseling and supportive services to students with disabilities, such as studying methods, accommodation, university facilities, assistive software, scholarship, and other personal matters. Furthermore, DSA will coordinate with relevant departments on designing learning activities for disabled students. DSA maintains strong relationships with academic advisors, lecturers, the UEH Youth Union - Student Union to promptly pay visits, encourage and arrange our support to the UEH students who suffer from bad health conditions due to illness and accidents.


DSA is the main force to receive questions and complaints about UEH activities. By coordinating with other departments, DSA takes the responsibility of responding and handling parents and students’ problems in an absolute and timely manner. Eventually, we hope these efforts can assure UEH students concentrate on studying and build parent’s trust in UEH services.


DSA receives requests from undergraduates and postgraduates through the UEH's electronic transaction portal and then issues proof of student status, academic transcripts, duplicate diplomas, job recommendation letters per requests. International students support services and student loans, etc. These services are now available online to make it quick and convenient for students.


DSA is in charge of evaluating student training activities. DSA will assess students on their attitudes and behaviors towards learning, their participation in university and community events, their compliance with regulations.


DSA’s career-related activities can offer students opportunities to visualize real tasks in companies and connect with employers. Company tours, career affairs, internship information day, job recommendation are the projects DSA is. Furthermore, DSA is responsible for career orientation, start-up activities, creative and innovative mindset training, and other soft skill workshops.


DSA organizes university-level contests to create traditional playgrounds for students and to help UEH meet its educational goals of physical education- culture -ideology- morality - student’s lifestyle, law-abiding. Annual contests supervised by DSA concludes: The Olympics of Marxist-Leninist science, Contest of Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Music Competition, Solo Singing Competition, Sport Events and Series of activities to learn about the UEH's culture. Moreover, DSA can give assistance to student’s events at faculty, institution, club, dormitory, team levels.


DSA coordinates with relevant departments on holding commencement ceremonies for undergraduates and postgraduates. DSA is mainly in charge of academic dress rents, graduation photos service.




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