1. The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) acts as an integrated portal to provide information for students of every type of training.
  2. DSA connects the School with students, potential learners, alumni, former officials, authorities, domestic and foreign partners in advisory and information support.
  3. DSA acts independently or coordinates with the other departments in solving questions, complaints, and denunciations of learners.
  4. DSA is the 3rd department that can independently evaluate the service quality.


  • To provide all information about UEH for learners and for those who are interested via online or direct support at the learner’s convenience;
  • To organize the orientation activities for learners at UEH, such as Civic Education Week;
  • To cooperate with other departments to organize academic advising activities;
  • To manage the assessment of student training results;
  • To give students counsel on all matters related to academic training, career guidance and psychological problems;
  • To develop the scholarship policies, including: studying encouragement scholarships, financial aids, and scholarships from the School’s partners;
  • To support students of different ethnicities and international students to be integrated and adapted to student life at UEH;
  • To receive questions and complaints then establish handling procedures;
  • To offer services for all students through online service portal;
  • To provide all careers services, including: i)Job recommendation, ii) company field trips; iii) career orientation, entrepreneurship, soft skill training and iv) “Experience UEH” programs.
  • To organize students events of the school and faculties, including: the annual Olympics of Marxist-Leninist science contest, and Ho Chi Minh Ideology Contest, singing competitions, sports events, series of “Developing UEH’s culture” contest;
  • To prevent sexual-harassment within the school;  
  • To implement policies to support disabled students and misfortune students with difficult circumstances (injuries, illnesses, etc.);
  • To offer commencement services (e.g. dress rents);
  • To evaluate the service quality of other departments;
  • To provide education about the political ideology, lifestyle ethics and life skills of students and implement the prevention of drug addiction crimes and social evils among students; 
  • To coordinate with other departments to perform tasks arising during the operation of the School;
  • To manage effectively the human resources and assigned facilities;
  • To perform other tasks assigned by the Principal.