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“I would travel miles and miles

And I would follow any star…”

We all wish to come home to a tranquil location after months of being caught up in the swirl of work and studies. Coming to The Symphony 6, you may also briefly put aside the rush and bustle of life and return to your childhood to find your inner kid and carefree recollections.

With this comeback, The Symphony 6 has returned with the theme “Soul Sound” to bring us the familiar acoustic melodies in Disney movies, promising to revive childhood memories, providing us some moments of “soul healing”.Well then, see you at the show!

Registration form link:https://bit.ly/ĐăngkýTheSymphony6

(Note: The form will close when the number of registrations is received.)

Time: 16h30 – Wednesday, 30/11/2022

Location: Lobby B1, Campus B, 279 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10.

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© The program is part of the periodic activities at UEH English Zone, organized with the aim of transmitting positive values and motivation through concert music for UEH students for a bright start ahead.

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